Declutter the Streets

Mapping your clutter takes just seconds

All you need to do is:

1. Take a walk in your local area and see if you can spot any clutter – our website has a list of the kind of thing you need to look out for.

(Of course, if you already know where there’s a clutter problem, you can use the map straight away – although we’d always recommend fitting another walk into your day!).

2. Add what you find, with or without a photo, to our super-easy-to-use interactive map.

3. Repeat step 2 if you have more than one.

4. You can also write to your local council about the issues you find too.

I hope you will join us this week. Let’s reclaim our pavements!

Restricted Woods Service during the Pandemic.  Please Click Here for more Information

The temporary traffic lights will be in operation for the time being.

This is due to duct work issues.

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