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Please view the below options to discover how you can travel to the Victoria’s Secret Stores.


Register your commute to work

All staff (permanent, part time, agency, freelancers and contractors) must register how they commute to work by completing the Travel Registration form below.

To get your personal journey plan email


Sharing Your Journey

Finding someone to travel to work with is often associated with Car sharing, however, Travel2Next recognise that this is not always the case.

Employees that walk to work have told Travel2Next that it would be nice to have someone to walk to work with, someone they can chat with whilst travelling a safer journey.

Some cyclists have said that they would cycle if they had someone to cycle with, to spur them on during trickier patches on the route, such as hills or uneven ground.

Taking a train or bus can often mean sitting next to a stranger, arranging to travel with a colleague eliminates the anxiety that can be caused by sitting with people you don't know.

For those that drive, finding someone to share your journey with can reduce your travelling costs, either by contribution towards petrol costs, or by taking it in turns to drive.

However you travel why not create a free profile on Commute2Next, the website is totally private and only Next and Victoria's Secret staff can join.

Sign up today to make new friends and make your journey to work more pleasurable.

Once you have found someone to share your journey with, please complete the Travel Registration form.


Driving as a Lone Driver

All staff are required to register their vehicle and any additional vehicles they may use on an occasional basis, with the Travel2Next team by using our Travel Registration Form to register or report a change to your method of travel to work.  

Providing this information helps the company to produce accurate Travel Plans and identify areas where parking is a key issue.

To register as a driver please complete the Travel Registration form.


Travelling by bus

Take a fresh look at travelling by bus! 

If you have not used a bus for sometime we believe you will be pleasantly surprised with the service and quality of Public Transport.

Arriva discounts

Employees are able to make savings when purchasing a monthly Arriva ticket, to find out more on this great offer please head over to Arriva select your region, choose your ticket and set up a monthly direct debit. Your ticket will be posted to your home address each month.

** You will need to select Next as your Employer to qualify for the discount


Firstbus Discount

Employees are able to make savings when purchasing monthly tickets through FirstBus.

To take advantage of this offer contact us for a one time pass code then visit Firstbus create a profile and purchase your discounted ticket.

** You will need to select Next as your Employer to qualify for the discount

To register as a bus use please complete the Travel Registration form.



Walking to work is a fantastic way to get and stay healthy, and best of all it's free.

In fact did you know that by walking half an hour a day you can half the risk of an heart attack.

Walking to work is a good way to build exercise into your daily routine and a great commuting option.

Staff can download the Betterpoints App to earn vouchers (points are awarded for each walk you take)

To register as walking to work please complete the Travel Registration form.


Commuting by bicycle is great for your health as it gives you a low impact workout twice a day.

You will get to work awake and ready to start your day, and you will look forward to the journey home instead of dreading being stuck in traffic.

Staff can download the Betterpoints App to earn vouchers (points are awarded for each ride you take)

To register as a cyclist please complete the Travel Registration form.



Depending on where you are travelling from may dictate whether or not commuting by train, tram or tube is practical for you.

Those that can travel by train maybe able to save time and money whilst enjoying a more pleasant journey without the stresses of driving through rush hour traffic.

Find your station

To find the nearest train station to your workplace please click here

Live departures

To view live departures please click here

Fare Calculator

To work out how much your train fares would be please use the Season Ticket Calculator

To register as a train user please complete the Travel Registration form.


Eco Driving

Great reasons to drive an Eco-Friendly car.

  • Buying an Eco-friendly car reduces the need to drill for oil (Fracking) has terrible implications on the environment.
  • Hybrids cost less to run and need fewer fuel stops.
  • Electric cars need no fuel stops.
  • Eco-Friendly cars can reduce overall emissions produced and released into the environment.
  • Modern cars that use renewable energy tend to be more economical than their predecessors.
  • They can save you money in the workplace**

** Some Next sites offer free to use charging points.

To register as an Eco-Friendly car user please complete the Travel Registration form.

To register to take part in the competition please complete the entry form below.

**You will need to log your weekly journeys throughout the competition to be entered into the prize draw.

Victoria's Secret Travel Registration Form

Victoria's Secret Competition Entry Form

  • Please select whether you are entering the Walking aspect or the cycling aspect of the competition.

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