Travel Incentives

Head Office

Claim £2 a day just by travelling sustainably!


Staff that work at the Enderby Head Office, Phase 5 Online and Gedding Road Online  who travel to work in a sustainable manner are able to claim a £2 Travel Incentive Voucher which can be redeemed on staff shop purchases only at both the Enderby and Gedding Road Staff staff.


To be eligible to claim a voucher you must travel to work by the following methods, and be registered with Travel2Next as a sustainable traveler.

  • Walk to Work
  • Cycle to Work
  • Car Share
  • Use a Public Bus
  • Use a Train
  • Get Dropped Off
  • Travel by Motorbike/Moped
  • Train

** Please note your entire journey from home to work must be made in a sustainable manner **


In order to collect your voucher you need to head to reception between 08:30 – 12:30 Monday to Friday (0830-1700 at Phase 5 reception only) and fill out the voucher form to confirm how you traveled to work that day. If you are busy in meetings your voucher can be collected by a colleague, they must fill in your details though.

Vouchers cannot be claimed by those using the free staff bus service for all or part of their journey.

Vouchers cannot be backdated and must be collected on the day of travel.

Vouchers cannot be claimed on weekends or Christmas week, 26th December to 2nd January or Bank Holidays.

All staff that sustainably travel to work must register their mode of travel using the Travel Registration Form to be entitled to claim vouchers.

Staff that car share, please note your passenger/s must be in the car at the time of parking. Single drivers (including those dropping staff off at other locations on site, will be refused parking in the car share area.

Vouchers can only be redeemed on staff shop purchases. They cannot be used for Directory orders or to purchase gift cards.

Elmsall and Stadium Complexes

Claim £1 per person per day, just for car sharing!

If you car share with someone else working at the Elmsall/Stadium Complex you can each claim £1 per day and take advantage of a VIP parking bay! Find the FAQs here. 

To do this, register using the Elmsall Complex Car Sharing Scheme registration form in the Online Forms section of the website, which can be found here

You will receive a key fob with your unique QR code on and a permit. Simply scan your key fob each day you car share, at one of our scanning stations. 

Once you have scanned on five different days you will be issued with a £5 staff shop voucher, valid at any Next Staff Shop. 

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