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National Sustainable & Active Travel Awards

Left to right:- Sarah McAlinden – Next, Alison Holland – Brightwayz,  Julia Holland – Brightwayz, Caitlynne Picot – Next.Photo taken by Scott Akoz

Next submitted two entries to be considered by Modeshift for the annual National Sustainable & Active Travel conference which this year was held at the Athena Conference Centre in Leicester on the 4th and 5th of November.

Contribution to Sustainable Travel – Organisation

Next was up against Birmingham City Council working with National Express West Midlands and Transport for West Midlands.

Next Redhouse Distribution Centre – Driven by the Annual Travel Survey in 2021 this site was able to identify a need for a Public Transport Service. Caitlynne Picot, Sustainable Travel Coordinator worked with the Firstbus group to adapt an existing route to complement shifts at the distribution site. This has assisted the business to become a more appealing place to work.

Transport for West Midlands – Cycle Hire Scheme. This is the Uk’s first region wide scheme covering 7 local authorities in the West Midlands. 1,500 bikes were installed. Those working or living in the West Midlands are able to hire the bikes through the Beryl Bikes App.

Birmingham City Council & National Express – Nominated for their vision to become the UK’s most sustainable bus company. They aim to make bus travel as green as possible and reduce air pollution.

The winner was Birmingham City Council & National Express

Contribution to Sustainable Travel – Individual

Sarah McAlinden, Next Plc. Sarah works for Next Plc to promote Sustainable and Active travel across their offices, stores and online call centres reaching around 34,000 employees. As well as promoting monthly competitions and producing Bi-Annual Newsletters Sarah also produces the Travel Plans for these areas of the business, which currently stands at 141 plans that have been awarded accreditation. This number is fast growing.

Alberto Zanni, Brighton & Hove Council / Brunswick Primary School. Alberto is a parent of the school who was nominated for coordinating a team of volunteers to staff a school street

Richard Hearne, Founder & Chairperson, PRiDEOUT. Established in 2019, PRiDEOUT is a cycling community for LGBTQIA+ Community. PRiDEOUT aims to make cycling for leisure, sport and transport more accessible to the community

The winner was Alberto Zanni

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