What’s Happening

With the expansion of the IT teams into phase 5 we are constructing a link bridge between phase 5 and the old building to make the journey between buildings faster and drier. At the same time we are widening the exit lane from the phase 5 entrance down to the traffic lights to allow for three exit lanes to be available from site. This should be good news because it will enhance the experience for leaving site

In preparation for the bridge works, the road widening works will commence on Monday 4th March, we will work with the contractors to ensure the site is kept safe, clean and tidy with minimal disruption. The link bridge works will commence on Monday 11th March, with a programme taking 26 weeks, and the physical structure being visible on Tuesday 23rd April following the Easter Break and pending good weather during the early stages of the construction.

Whilst the work takes place there will be a number of diversions for traffic and pedestrians at weekends and during planned night works only. These communications will be sent out via email prior to them being put in place by our travel plan team, please look out for these regular updates.

Please accept our apologies in advance for any disruption caused whilst we endeavour to keep disruption to a minimum.

When’s It Happening?

Ongoing – Stairwell at corner of the Old Building – Construction works taking place directly outside, unless in the event of an emergency, avoid using this stair well.

Ongoing – HR Reserved spaces. 4 spaces are permanently fenced off for construction works. To allow disabled staff and visitors to be able to park, 14 spaces are coned off on the front row facing reception. These spaces are all allocated and must not be used by general staff.

17/05/2019 to 20/05/2019– Phase 5 Car park will be closed whilst the steel lifting is taking place. No staff or visitors will be permitted into the area except Phase 5 disabled staff. General staff and their visitors are not permitted to park in any coned off spaces.. All staff and visitors to park in the main car park.

Pedestrians accessing Phase 5 : Please follow the designated pathways at all times, staff working during this weekends car park closure will need to walk via the rear of the Multi-storey to gain access to the buildings.

Pedestrians Accessing Phase 6, Staff Shop or Head Office will be able to use usual pathway routes.