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Travel Incentive Voucher

As a staff member that sustainably travels to work, you are entitled to collect a travel incentive voucher from reception between 08:30 – 12:30 Monday to Friday. Vouchers much be collected on the day that you travel sustainably and cannot be back dated. The voucher form on reception that needs to be filled in must be filled out with clear print, and all required fields to be entered.

  • Vouchers can only be claimed if your entire journey, either from home to work, or work to home, or a return trip is made sustainably.
  • Vouchers can be claimed on Bank Holidays from Phase 5 reception only.
  • Vouchers can only be redeemed at the Enderby and Gedding Road staff shop. They can only be used on staff shop purchases. Vouchers cannot be used to purchase gift cards or Directory items.
  • Vouchers can be given to your colleagues, if they hold a discount card, but they cannot be given to or used by non discount card holders.
  • If you have registered as a cyclist, walker, train drop off, motorbike user or public bus user, please ensure you fill out those fields on the travel incentive reception form.
  • Staff travelling for all or part of their journey by the free Head Office bus service are not entitled to receive the travel incentive voucher.


Car Share Parking

If you have registered as a car share user you will shortly receive a car share permit, car share parking is indicated with red lines on the ground. To park in the car share area your passenger must be in the vehicle at the time of parking and your car share permit clearly on display.

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