Car Sharing To Work

Car Sharing At Next

The car share scheme benefits those that register by rewarding you when you share your journey to work. Next reward you with Travel incentive vouchers which can redeemed at the onsite staff shop located both at Head Office and Gedding Road.

Don’t forget that sharing your journey will help save on fuel costs, wear and tear on your vehicle and qualifies you for a priority parking space. So it’s a win win for everyone.


Next Liftshare Savings Calculator


So How Do You Get Started?

Visit our dedicated Next car share site and join the Next Commute2Next. This is a private group that only Next employees can join. Create a free profile and enter your journey details to be presented with a list of employees making the same journey as you. Click on their profile to make contact. Once you have found a car share partner, please email travel2next to receive your car share parking permit.


Next Choose How You Move


Those that car share to the Head Office site are able to make use of the dedicated car share parking area located at various location on site, please see the areas marked in red on the map below. These spaces are only to be used by those that car share to work, and at the time of parking your passenger must be in the car.


Next Head Office Parking Map

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