Driving To Work

Driving To Next As A Lone Driver

All Next staff are required to register their vehicle and display a valid parking permit, and any additional vehicles they may use on an occasional basis, with the Travel2Next team by using our Travel Registration Form to register or report a change to your method of travel to work.  Once your vehicle details have been provided your registration will be added to the ANPR barrier entry system and the barrier will automatically open as you approach it.


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Own An Electric Or Hybrid Car?

If you own an electric or hybrid car, you could make use of the car charging points on site. These spaces operate using a BUDi system in which a number of employees share a space in a BUDi team to ensure all cars get a full charge. To be allocated into a BUDi team please contact Travel2Next


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If You Are A New Starter

For your first week of employment new starters are able to park in a reserved parking area located near to the Photo Studio in Row A. On your arrival speak to one of the Traffic Marshals, they are the people in the high visibility clothing, and they will direct you to your reserved space.  This can be used for your first week of employment whilst you familiarise yourself with the site. After this you will need to park in the main car park. Please take a look at the parking map to familiarise yourself with the various parking areas.


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Need A Disabled Space?

If you have a blue badge for parking, you will find dedicated parking spaces at the front of all of our main receptions. Some of these spaces are reserved for specific users. If you arrive and find all spaces taken, please proceed to park in the car share area.


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Nursery Parking

Staff that are bringing children to the Steps Nursery are able to park in the parent and child spaces, these are allocated at the side of the nursery and behind the nursery. Please ensure when parking in this area that you display your nursery parking permit that can be obtained from the nursery reception.


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Emergency Get You Home Scheme

The company operates an emergency get you home scheme, to ensure staff that travel by sustainable methods can get home in the event of an emergency.

To be eligible to use the get you home scheme, you must be registered as an employee that travels to work in a sustainable method by completing the online forms.

The scheme can be used for the following examples

  • A colleague drove you to work, but has gone home ill, the emergency get you home scheme will take you home.
  • If you traveled by public bus or Woods coaches, and a child takes ill at school, the scheme will take you to your childs school
  • If a colleague brought you to work, but you take ill, the scheme will take you home

You can’t use the scheme for any pre-booked medical appointments, in these instances you would need to arrange your own transport.


Road Safety

Because the Head Office site is so busy, it is really important that you use the designated crossing points. Staff that do not use these points run the risk of losing their bonus payment.

During peak traffic flow, staff are only able to use the crossing point located by the Home department. All other crossing points will be closed, please do not try to open the barriers or climb over them.

  • The site operates a 20mph speed limit (5mph inside the multi-storey car park), all staff and visitors must stick to this speed limit
  • Stop at the zebra crossing when you see someone waiting to cross
  • Always follows the directions of our traffic marshals
  • Never use a mobile phone whilst driving (If spotted you will be reported to your Director)
  • Do not cut through bays for a quicker exit
  • Always follow the one way exit system
  • Clearly indicate and drive with careful consideration when switching lanes whilst entering or leaving site
  • If travelling from A47 Hinckley Road, along Desford Road to Head Office, ensure you wait for the filter light before turning onto site.


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Need A Taxi?

Here are some local companies you may wish to use:

  • Club Taxis                                      01162313001
  • Express Taxis                                 01162777999
  • Snowys Taxis                                 01162865432
  • Narborough Taxis                          01162848444


Need A Chauffeur Service?

  • Leicester Executive Chauffeurs      0116324004
  • Midland Chauffeur Services           08000096179


Need to Arrange Company Travel?

Get in touch with the HRG Travel Desk.


Do You Want To Get A Car Valet?

At head Office there is an on-site car valeting facility. Due to the volume of the cars on site this must be booked through company cars by emailing company_cars@next.co.uk.


** Please note travel incentive vouchers are currently only issued to those that are based at Head Office and Gedding Road **

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